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Ever wonder when you'll meet an honest web developer? Many web developers have chosen to sit in an office at a corporate setting and let an advertisement department reel prospective customers in. Others like myself, choose to keep a low overhead and deliver solutions without all the hoopla and tech circus blah dee dah. We prefer not to advertise since a good portion of phone calls by competitive web fisherman trying to figure out how to run a web business wastes our time. Since 1995, we've been satisfying a long list of happy customers. The real deal is here.

Not many web developers have a skill set that includes domain sales/management, web and mail server administration, SEO expertise as well as photoshop, flash and HTML. Shopping carts, databases and just about every web programming script language, Perl, php, asp and some c fit in our portfolio All waiting for you to jump on our dedicated server in a closed network 24x7x365 with tech-supported environment and take advantage of our fantastic SEO.

My partner and I have over 50 years of data processing experience. And I have personally built over 2000 websites since 1995. Both of us still consult in the private sector as well as promote web solutions for small businesses. Plus, WE DO THE WORK. We do not outsource outside of our network. We're American web developers!

Bottom line is, we can have your initial*** annual business website up in 1 hour for only a couple of hundred bucks or so. Give us a shout. It's time most of you internet procrastinators wake up and smell the IP. And if you need meaty web applications, we can help! No more sales talk.

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